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Gynecomastia Diagnosis

Diagnostic tests for stable gynecomastia patients is not normally needed. A history, clinical examination, and male breast exam can establish red flags for possible further evaluation and diagnosis. Laboratory testing may be necessary for men with gynecomastia that is still growing or for signs of possible rare male breast malignancy. Tests that your doctor may order will depend on the medical problem that may be causing the gynecomastia. Breast glands under stimulation tend to grow, be sensitive, tender, and may hurt. Under enough hormone stimulation, milk production will happen. Click here for more gynecomastia diagnosis information.

Gynecomastia : Diagnosis and treatment

In the majority of cases, the diagnosis of gynecomastia is made by the physician by just simple observation and the presenting history. The breast is always palpated (felt with hands) to ensure there are no hard masses present. Physicians often recommend the use of new effective products like Gynexin before recommending surgery. If you have been diagnosed with gynecomastia. Try the Gynexin treatment.

Diagnosis : Do it yourself for men

Gynecomastia diagnosis is clear in male mammary volume increase although, it is often the person himself who recognizes the alteration that in some cases can be painful. It is possible to diagnose yourself. Men! Dont wait for things to get worse. Treat your gynecomastia now.

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